Detailed list of changes

19th September 2021

Added SAML federated institutional logins (SURFconext)

Improved show list of own attachments

14th September 2021

Fixed attachments can be added to module description

Fixed measure would sometimes copy over to multiple questions

Fixed conditional explanation would not show up

Improved uncheck checkboxes for slides after performing an action

4th September 2021

Improved performance of import of results

Added server path option for uploader

14th August 2021

Improved generation of thumbnails

Improved subfolder permissions

Improved simplify annotation polygons

27th July 2021

Fixed more reliable importing of results

Improved heatmap interpolation switch

Added fun loading indicators

15th July 2021

Fixed editors count as teachers

Added remote log reading

Fixed scale annotations only on displays that are really tall and wide

29th June 2021

Fixed sort slides in case alphabetically

13th June 2021

Fixed uploader renaming MRXS renames the folder as well

5th June 2021

Fixed don't show button to add submodules for non-teachers

Added start button for modules

Fixed uploader when MRXS filenames contains spaces

29th May 2021

Added password policy lowercase requirement

Fixed don't include MRXS directories when listing

Fixed don't include jpgs and pngs when listing

Improved faster parallel adding of slides

23th May 2021

Fixed removing old cookies on login

Fixed unpublishing a study

18th May 2021

Fixed correct answers did not always appear

Fixed overwriting correct answers is now allowed

Improved all cookies use the Secure flag

Added Export a list of cases of a study

10th May 2021

Added uploading MRXS files with their data folders using the Uploader

Added uploading to Python SDK

7th May 2021

Improved extended upload token validity to 36 hours so that users can upload larger number of files

Fixed question dependent on a dependent question not always hidden

5th May 2021

Added support for PNG, JPG and non-pyramidal TIFFs

Fixed tuned down the strictness of email validity check

29th April 2021

Improved updated results of GetConfig API call

Improved performance of requesting study results

Added Questions API call

23rd April 2021

Added allow embedding Slide Score in cBioPortal

15th April 2021

Added label text for annotations

Improved when measuring distance it's possible to zoom in and out

8th April 2021

Fixed password rules would not show up when requested

Improved when selecting Show all annotations the distance measurements are also shown

Fixed reimporting a study with TMA cores could fail

Fixed email address with capital letters prevented sharing slides anonymously

Fixed opening results comparison could temporarily limit the number of cases visible

3rd April 2021

Fixed Slide Score Uploader app sometimes failed to upload slides

28th March 2021

Improved upgraded the application platform to .NET 5

Added optional email address validity check

Added stricter Content Security Policy for protection against XSS hacks

Improved handling of Show all annotations, especially in Firefox

23rd March 2021

Improved sped up loading slide with complex annotations

Fixed Show all annotations checkbox had to be rechecked sometimes

Improved remove brush shape if it has been completely erased

Improved detection of ares outside the image when using the brush

Improved don't count question with default answers when deciding majority opinion

21st March 2021

Added measurement question type

Fixed result comparison shows majority opinion as N/A when there no opinion has majority

18th March 2021

Added Uploader option to disable uploading multiple files at the same time

Improved searching also in case names

14th March 2021

Improved don't allow trailing spaces in question options

Added Next button for teaching studies without questions

Fixed view location for annotation links sometimes wouldn't get overwritten

11th March 2021

Fixed right click sometimes wasn't completely disabled when annotating with a brush

Fixed sometimes wrong brush size would be displayed

Added weekly restart to make sure latest versions of libraries are used

Improved speed of brush annotation tool

Improved detection of Apple iPencil - annotate with the iPencil, pan and zoom with your fingers

Added screenshots on iPad

Fixed detection of iPad broken with iOS v13.1

Improved larger polygon start circle on highres devices

9th March 2021

Fixed teachers sometimes didn't get edit rights for studies

Fixed keep "Show all annotations" checked when switching between TMA cores

Added hold Alt while dragging with a mouse to pan the zoom instead of annotating with a brush

7th March 2021

Added TMA feature page

Fixed editing module description

Added editing classes, module groups

Added more detailed access control for editing teaching modules

4th March 2021

Improved performance when annotating using brush

2nd March 2021

Fixed case-specific annotations count as slide-specific when deciding whether they changed

1st March 2021

Added creating annotations in case/slide descriptions

Improved performance for iPad annotations

26th February 2021

Added question parameter for GetScreenshot API

Fixed deleting last point in polygon after drawing it using touch

24th February 2021

Added overlay menu for links in description

Fixed resetting scores for checkboxes

21st February 2021

Fixed results comparison error with annotation answers

16th February 2021

Fixed scrolling with a mouse no longer changes the number in a number-type question

13th February 2021

Fixed results comparison page sometimes not showing your answer

10th February 2021

Fixed missing must be answered after loading shared scoring sheet

Added support for downloading an .MRXS file (including data directory as a zipped archive)

Fixed unexpected core selected when some cores are missing and score all cores from sample is enabled

9th February 2021

Fixed case-specific annotation that must be answered under certain circumstances

7th February 2021

Added editing slide names directly in case view for teachers

Improved slide drawer takes up a bit less spaces

5th February 2021

Fixed emptying teachers list

Removed mouse-over option for showing correct results

Improved performance when working with large classes

Added breadcrumb navigation

Improved simplified interface for students

3rd February 2021

Added more startup checks

Added explicit Same-Site protection for older browsers

Fixed new line in some circumstances could remove icons from descriptions

Added sniff protection

Improved setting Expert panel is now under Scoring

Added white-list of domains for sending emails to

Improved results comparison only shows slides that you have already scored

Added collecting performance metrics for slide tiles

Added support for questions that must be answered for TMAs

31st January 2021

Added option for questions that they must be answered (not yet for TMAs)

Added a set of critical checks before the app starts

Fixed missing checkbox value under rare circumstances

Improved handling of changing type of question to case-specific

Improved and updated client libraries

28th January 2021

Fixed issue with Apple Pencil and brush annotation

Improved performance when viewing large studies

Fixed removed suggestion of No Tumor for conditionals depending on drop downs

Fixed checkmark appearing too early for slides in case

25th January 2021

Added extra check for correct use of pixel API for NDPI slides

Added blocking of multiple submits for reviewing study

Fixed missing error message when verifying token fails

Added stricter password checks for changing 2FA settings

21st January 2021

Added support for rotated TMAs for QuPath plugin

Added submitting annotations from QuPath

Added submitting general answers from QuPath (e.g. percentage positive)

Added rate limiting for sensitive functionality

Fixed missing antiCSRF token check

Added explicit SAMEORIGIN for frame options header

Added no-store caching policy

Improved email templates

Added role-based email blacklist

17th January 2021

Improved rich text editor used for descriptions

Improved layout on scoring form

Added Delete all points for points annotation

Added button to add a study to a teaching module directly from the module page

15th January 2021

Improved Overview tab of the study administration

Fixed stability improvements

11th January 2021

Fixed result comparison now shows non-expert's own results when experts-only is selected

Added searching in cases on slides overview

Improved stability when interacting with annotations

Added handling of navigation in one of the slides in synchronized view

7th January 2021

Added check for existance of temporary upload store on startup

Improved rate-limiting in certain situations

Fixed importing large imagescope annotations

Fixed importing annotations for rotated TMA arrays in QuPath plugin

18th December 2020

Fixed adding email address could fail if its domain doesn't have an A DNS record

Improved error message for insufficient rights

16th December 2020

Improved default zoom level when viewing a TMA core

15th December 2020

Improved check box Show all annotations remembers setting for the whole study

Fixed check box Show all annotations correctly shows annotations per case

Fixed error when clicking outside the slide after selecting screenshot area

Improved security of email confirmation tokens

13th December 2020

Fixed Internet Explorer 11 can now submit scores for slides in a case

Fixed case-specific annotation scores so that database has a single annotation per case

Fixed under some circumstances the show/done icons did not work properly

Fixed only submit changes to a slide when user changed an answer

Improved performance of submitting results for slides in a case

Fixed visual artifacts when reordering questions by dragging

Improved 5px wider scoring sheet

10th December 2020

Added site administrator's menu

Changed that annotations can be case-specific

Changed rich text editor: autosaving shows indication of success

Changed rich text editor: clicking the edit button saves immediately

Improved error message when imported file is not in AllowedFolders

Fixed invalidate cache when deleting slides

Improved screenshots, detail closer to screen level

Changed maximum screenshot size 10 mega pixels

Fixed read-only annotation questions

Improved speed when results table gets large

Added page about our viewer

3rd December 2020

Fixed answers no longer being visible after removing a slide from a case

1st December 2020

Improved user info for site admins

29th November 2020

Fixed poll-type questions for TMAs

Added support email to error page

Support for importing QuPath annotations linked to TMA cores

26th November 2020

Improved handling of API tokens

Added check for existing API tokens with same name

Added indication that not all slides in a case have been scored in study view

24th November 2020

Fixed adding existing users to a new teaching module

Added possibility to deselect annotation tool by clicking it again

22th November 2020

Added indication which slides in a case have been seen/scored

Fixed broken loading of autosaved annotations under certain conditions

Added slide viewing session tokens survive server restart

Added support for importing annotations from QuPath

15th November 2020

Added API method and API token setting for downloading slide files

Added API method and API token setting for deleting single slides

13th November 2020

Improved randomization of order of slides and cases, random numbers now always contiguous

Fixed annotation borders too thin on some screens

Fixed annotation points so that they are almost transparent

Removed warning when submitting a case without having scored all slides

11th November 2020

Fixed issue with NDPI slides of particular size

Fixed UI not changing after removing class from module

Fixed updating slide description in case view

Added check for existing answers before changing case-specificity on a question

Added more intelligent case-/slide-specific labels

Added showing case description even non-students

Added removing extra spaces in teachers' addresses

Added detailed changelog