Detailed list of changes

11th January 2021

Fixed result comparison now shows non-expert's own results when experts-only is selected

Added searching in cases on slides overview

Improved stability when interacting with annotations

Added handling of navigation in one of the slides in synchronized view

7th January 2021

Added check for existance of temporary upload store on startup

Improved rate-limiting in certain situations

Fixed importing large imagescope annotations

Fixed importing annotations for rotated TMA arrays in QuPath plugin

18th December 2020

Fixed adding email address could fail if its domain doesn't have an A DNS record

Improved error message for insufficient rights

16th December 2020

Improved default zoom level when viewing a TMA core

15th December 2020

Improved check box Show all annotations remembers setting for the whole study

Fixed check box Show all annotations correctly shows annotations per case

Fixed error when clicking outside the slide after selecting screenshot area

Improved security of email confirmation tokens

13th December 2020

Fixed Internet Explorer 11 can now submit scores for slides in a case

Fixed case-specific annotation scores so that database has a single annotation per case

Fixed under some circumstances the show/done icons did not work properly

Fixed only submit changes to a slide when user changed an answer

Improved performance of submitting results for slides in a case

Fixed visual artifacts when reordering questions by dragging

Improved 5px wider scoring sheet

10th December 2020

Added site administrator's menu

Changed that annotations can be case-specific

Changed rich text editor: autosaving shows indication of success

Changed rich text editor: clicking the edit button saves immediately

Improved error message when imported file is not in AllowedFolders

Fixed invalidate cache when deleting slides

Improved screenshots, detail closer to screen level

Changed maximum screenshot size 10 mega pixels

Fixed read-only annotation questions

Improved speed when results table gets large

Added page about our viewer

3rd December 2020

Fixed answers no longer being visible after removing a slide from a case

1st December 2020

Improved user info for site admins

29th November 2020

Fixed poll-type questions for TMAs

Added support email to error page

Support for importing QuPath annotations linked to TMA cores

26th November 2020

Improved handling of API tokens

Added check for existing API tokens with same name

Added indication that not all slides in a case have been scored in study view

24th November 2020

Fixed adding existing users to a new teaching module

Added possibility to deselect annotation tool by clicking it again

22th November 2020

Added indication which slides in a case have been seen/scored

Fixed broken loading of autosaved annotations under certain conditions

Added slide viewing session tokens survive server restart

Added support for importing annotations from QuPath

15th November 2020

Added API method and API token setting for downloading slide files

Added API method and API token setting for deleting single slides

13th November 2020

Improved randomization of order of slides and cases, random numbers now always contiguous

Fixed annotation borders too thin on some screens

Fixed annotation points so that they are almost transparent

Removed warning when submitting a case without having scored all slides

11th November 2020

Fixed issue with NDPI slides of particular size

Fixed UI not changing after removing class from module

Fixed updating slide description in case view

Added check for existing answers before changing case-specificity on a question

Added more intelligent case-/slide-specific labels

Added showing case description even non-students

Added removing extra spaces in teachers' addresses

Added detailed changelog