Slide Score is a web viewer for high resolution scans of microscopy images in particular histopathology slides. It makes it easy to upload images, setup a scoring sheet (set of questions) and invite pathologists to score the images. Intended users are pathologists, pathology lab technicians, medical students and life sciences researchers.

Pathologists: Read Getting Started first then the Advanced guide later to learn about the more non-obvious features.

Image/Data managers: Read Administration section on how to set up new study.

Programmers: API documentation is available


Describes how to register for a new account and score your first slides.

Contains tips for advanced users.

Manual for managing studies and uploading slides

Description of the Application Programming Interface (API) for developers who want to integrate Slide Score with other systems


*Healthcare professionals should review original images for all suspected pathologies



Measures that users must take for proper use of software

You can download the complete Instructions for Use