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Magnification levels

Microscope users know the magnification that each objective provides. We have built quick switching of magnification levels into Slide Score so that you can get a similar experience with digital pathology.

You can set a magnification level using either a new button in the interface or a keyboard shortcut. The new button resembles an objective with a color band indicating the level. These levels are similar to common microscopes, from small magnification to large: red, orange, green, blue and white.

Objective button with color bands indicating magnification

Clicking this button will zoom the image to the next larger magnification level (or zoom out to the smallest if you are already at the largest level).

You can also use keys 1-5 to change to particular magnification level. This extends already quite comprehensive keyboard support in Slide Score - you can use arrows or W, A, S and D keys to move around the slide, Shift+Up and Shift-Down to zoom in and out respectively using fine steps or Q and E using larger steps and X to zoom so that the whole slide fits in view.

These well-defined magnification levels can be handy when using the synchronous view of slides that have different sizes. For example, if there were originally only H&Es stainings and later some IHC slides were made it can happen that they have slighly different scanned area. If you set up synchronous viewing with them they would have slightly different zoom levels. You could try to uncheck "Keep synchronized" and try to correct it manually but the zoom controls are limited so it would be difficult. Now you can press 1 on each slide and check "Keep synchronized" again to view them at the same zoom level.

The magnification levels don't exactly correspond to any magnification that you would see using a microscope because viewing a slide digitally is just such a different experience. But the ratios between them are: 10x, 40x, 100x, 400x and 1000x

Try it out!

Let us know how can we improve it further!.