What's new

Better support for synchronization in API

Slide Score API (Application Programming Interface) now supports GetConfig and GetConfigFiles methods. You can use these methods for getting configuration of an existing study in a structured object or ready-to-import config files.

This is useful if use both the API and the administration interface for changing studies after they've been imported. Often it's needed to make small changes to the study such as rotating some images, adjusting a TMA map or reordering the questions. If you would then update the configuration files using the API and reimport the study you could lose some of the changes made in the administration interface manually.

API clients can now request the study configuration with GetConfig, check if any changes have been made and apply them to the configuration files.

GetConfigFiles can be also used to clone an existing study, just upload the configuration files with a different study name.

Your digital pathology administrators can now be free to make small changes using the administration interface while not losing the ability to quickly deploy large changes using the API.

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