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Scoring Sheet Enhancements

We would like to make Slide Score the best tool for converting conservative pathologists from glass to digital pathology. Today we're making a big step towards that goal as we're releasing two features that can improve the intuitiveness the scoring sheet and explain what needs to be scored.

Conditional questions - questions that are visible and can only be scored if a previous question has been scored with a particular answer - was an often requested feature. It allows for example having a question with predefined options plus "Other". If the pathologist answers "Other" a new question appears and they can specify what they meant and what they felt was missing from the listed options.

It can also help clean up the data that comes out of Slide Score - if you want the pathologists to score DCIS grade only if they see any DCIS you can make it a conditional question and the results won't have any DCIS grades on non-DCIS slides.

Next to conditional questions we are introducing another type of element you can add to your scoring sheet: an Explanation. Explanation is a short textual description - reminder which methodology to use or a link to the guidelines. It can include links to external websites, the text can have basic formatting - bold and italic - and you can add a horizontal line to add structure to your scoring sheet.

Of course both of these features work on scoring sheets used on whole slide images, tissue microarray cores (TMA) or when scoring cases.

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Scoring Sheet Enhancements