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Slide Score now supports viewing of Philips iSyntax slides without conversion

Slide Score, the web-based slide management platform, can now display Philips iSyntax images next to all the other already supported formats (Aperio .svs, Hamamatsu .ndpi, 3D Histech .mrxs, Motic .mds, Leica .scn, BigTiff .tiff and more).

We are very happy to announce that Slide Score can now distribute the necessary software libraries to display the slides under a license from Philips Medical Systems Nederland B.V. Slide managers can use one of the five different ways to upload .iSyntax files to Slide Score and view the slide immediately. .iSyntax slides have superior quality as all the post-processing steps are applied to the image data as required by the iSyntax system in a similar way as when displayed on a diagnostic system.

Philips Ultra Fast Scanners are some of the most widely used digital pathology scanners on the market today. Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution (including the Ultra Fast Scanners) was the first digital pathology solution to receive FDA clearance for primary diagnostic use opening the door to wider use of digital pathology in primary care and making history.

Philips scanners produce proprietary .iSyntax files with a patented method of storing the image data. Where other slide formats use a pyramid of increasingly lower resolution versions of the actual scanned slide, the .iSyntax format uses just a single image with a sophisticated wavelet compression. Coefficients of this wavelet function are stored in the .iSyntax file and can be used to recreate the original image in the full resolution with very high accuracy. When displaying a lower magnification overview of the slide, only some coefficients of the wavelet function are read, giving a very fast and accurate representation of the original image data without having to store the same image twice.

Does your institution have Philips scanners and you would like to assess the .iSyntax slides in your research project? Get in touch!

Slide Score displaying a slide from Philips Ultra Fast Scanner

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