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WSK Medical and Slide Score announce strategic partnership

Dutch AI software solution provider WSK Medical is thrilled to announce entering a new, non-exclusive, strategic partnership with Slide Score, a Dutch digital pathology annotation and collaboration solution, to accelerate access to AI solutions for digital pathology. This collaboration aims to harness the transformative power of AI to drive innovation, enhance efficiencies, and deliver superior value to our stakeholders.

In this partnership, WSK Medical’s ground-breaking AI diagnostics solution, Zeno Pathology, will be accessible under Slide Score’s web-based digital pathology software platform. This will expand portfolio of AI solutions available in Slide Score, utilizing state-of-the-art image analytics and deep learning tools.

Slide Score’s client base and users will benefit from fully integrated, seamless access to Zeno Pathology’s CE-marked Ki67 breast cancer module for IHC stained whole slide images that enables fast, reliable, and standardized analysis in seconds.

Together, we aim to redefine the realms of pathology through digitization, fostering greater accuracy, efficiency, and scalability in diagnostic procedures.

Marius Wellenstein, CEO & Founder WSK Medical: "This integration of our powerful AI solutions for breast cancer analysis in Slide Score is creating more value for digital pathology and therefore serving our users a comprehensive solution. We are proud to be part of this exciting revolution in healthcare."

Jan Hudecek: "We are excited to offer our research customers access to the automated diagnostic-grade image analysis solutions from WSK Medical. Integrated solutions can bring AI into the workflow quickly bringing more value to our users."

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